‘Tiny Fireman’ Review – Firefighters, Collaborate!

Our first review of 2012 is ‘Tiny Fireman’ – A firefighter-themed game by Samuramu.

The most unique feature of this game is the ability to play co-op, parent and child, or two children, at the same time. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed a game session, where I drove the red truck and the little one sprinkled water everywhere.

The game takes place in Can Town, a beautifully illustrated world full of character.┬áCan town’s inhabitants are all animals – you will meet mice, crows, giraffes, and purple teddy bears.

However, Can town’s ridden by a mysterious fire, and the player takes the role of Cat and Dog, in their voyage to rescue as many animals as they can.

The game is quite simple. Using touches and swipes, players splash water around buildings and trees (and even snowy ice cream stands) to save the helpless survivors.

While this may sound scary, the game is set up in a musical atmosphere that creates a relaxed and chilled out feel. While the missions are important, it always feels like you can spend the extra amount of time you need to play around. There is no rush.

Each successful rescue ride ends up with a special ending: a kiss from a teddy bear, and a special gift (candy, cake, a doll, and more). The gift seems to change every play, so it’s fun to wait and see what it would be.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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